Salt and pepper diamonds,

the anarchist of the jewellery world.

Salt and pepper diamonds are the yin to white or clear diamonds yang. Both created together under the earths mantle billions of years ago, separated by style but not substance. Salt and pepper diamonds are very much the opposite of white diamonds. Where a white diamond's goal is to be free of all inclusions, pure and perfect, salt and pepper diamonds lean it to the wonderful range of expression and personality afforded by impurity and imperfection.

The unique look of any salt and pepper diamond is created by inclusions and minute amounts of metals and chemicals present when the diamond is formed. Most of the pepper, the black speckles are carbon that has not compressed fully into clear diamond. The salt is often tiny cracks that have formed in the diamond crystal either during the diamond's initial growth or during its lifetime under huge pressure and temperature, deep under the earth. The rarest of all are coloured salt and pepper diamonds. Most colours are created by different chemicals however, in the case of some pink and champagne diamonds the colour is created by internal stress in the diamond lattice.

Every salt and pepper diamond is unique, they cant be created by humans. Mother nature is the only goddess with the power to create salt and pepper diamonds.

Imperfect perfection

Salt and pepper diamonds have spent the majority of history in the shadows but thanks to interest driven by public popularity not big-dollar advertising we are seeing an explosion of interesting, unique diamonds.

Ethically sourced salt and pepper diamonds

Our carefully curated collection features diamonds that meet our high expectations. Its important that not only is the diamond esthetically exemplary, it must also be beautifully faceted, structurally sound and importantly traceable to origin. 

As with all the materials we source to make our jewellery each individual diamond has its country of origin listed. We acquire our salt and pepper diamonds direct from the diamond cutter which has a number of benefits:

  • Mine to market supply chain
  • Choice of origin
  • Custom cuts available
  • Greater range
  • Strict quality control
  • Responsible/Ethical sourcing
  • Lower prices

Our mine to market approach enables us the opportunity to pass on all these benefits to you, giving you the opportunity to make an informed decision. We want to honour the hardworking people in the supply chain, the miners and cutters that make these beautiful crystals available to us all. The origin of your diamond is part of its story, a story you will add to as a special but temporaty carstonian, a story that will continue through generations. 

Different crystals call to different people. If salt and pepper diamonds speak your language we would love to meet you and discuss your jewellery dreams. We are experienced jewellers and can help create your perfect ring. We have a wonderful collection of Ready to Wear salt and pepper diamond rings or if you'd prefer to design your own ring, a lovely collection of loose salt and pepper diamonds. Book a complimentary consultation or contact us with any other questions you may have.