heirlooms made with love to be worn with pride

We and You

Utopian Creations was borne in 2005 from a desire to create jewellery responsibly, ethically, and ultimately sustainably. Founder of Utopian Creations, Ben Manning, had seen the disregard for the environment and human rights from within the global jewellery industry and decided to do things differently. On returning to Australia from the UK Ben put his material sourcing skills to the test and soon recycled metals and gems were combined into the very first
Utopian Creations.

While our team has expanded our direction has stayed focused on sustainability, the environment and its communities. The story of any piece of jewellery is for us as important as the materials themselves which is why we constantly work with our suppliers to ensure we continue to provide the highest quality materials that are responsibly sourced. Jewellery plays
an amazing role in our lives, often as a gift of love or friendship, one of the few possessions we may care for and enjoy for the rest of our lives. At Utopian Creations we see it as our obligation to provide our customers with jewellery whose creation has brought prosperity and joy to the workers and families in the supply chain. Providing you with jewellery that has come from love, so you can add your own wonderful stories for generations to come. We look forward to meeting you and
being part of your journey.