Diamonds - Antique and Vintage

Antique diamonds have a charm like no other. They have fewer but larger facets that throw large sparkles of light back to your eye. Each was cut by hand and due to their irregularities, each has its own personality. 

Our Vintage diamonds are recycled from old jewellery and have modern cutting patterns, unlike our antique cuts. Each is carefully checked and is ready to start its new life with you. 


If you cant find exactly what you're looking for or you have a price already and want to compare, our popular Diamond Concierge Service is complimentary. After a short consultation, we search our partners to find your perfect diamond, offering you a small selection of the very finest diamonds that fit your requirements so you're not overwhelmed with options. We source our diamonds direct from miners and cutters, so you'll find our pricing class-leading too.

More information about our responsibly curated diamond collection can be found on our Diamond Education page.