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1.59ct Australian Emerald, Green - Emerald Cut0.99ct Australian Emerald, Green - Freeform cut0.79ct Australian Emerald, Green - Emerald-Scissor Cut0.44ct Australian Emerald - Shield Cut1.23ct Australian Emerald, Green - Emerald Cut



May is the month of Emeralds

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1.23ct E colour Lab Diamond - Emerald cutPink Argyle Diamond Trilogy - Emerald Cut0.50ct Light Champagne Antique Diamond - Round0.49ct Diamond Foundry Lab Diamond - Hexagon1.22ct Australian Argyle Salt and Pepper Diamond - Emerald cut

All of the


Natural, Lab, Fancy, Salt & Pepper, Antique and Vintage. We provide ethical options and education so you can make informed decisions.

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2.30ct Australian Sapphire, Parti, Yellow, Blue, Green - Round1.05ct Australian Sapphire, Parti, Blue, Teal, Yellow, Green - Decagon0.84ct Australian Sapphire, Blue - Pear0.73ct Australian Sapphire, Blue, Teal Parti - Hexagon1.16ct Australian Sapphire, Deep green - Round



Parti sapphires, blue, pink, green and yellow. We have one of the largest collection of Australian sapphires in the world

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Quality First

In fact, quality is second in our decision making. Sustainable, responsible sourcing questions come first. However if the chosen material or process creates a poor quality outcome it is abandoned. This way of thinking creates responsibly made products of the highest quality.

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