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or a ring to take home today? we are here to guide you, whether it be a stunning Responsibly sourced natural or lab diamond
Or a coloured stone from our huge collection. Our talented team are here to help at every stage.

Baret Collection

A new collection created For Romantics

Here at Utopian Creations we have been specializing in unique, ethically sourced gems and local manufacturing since 2005. We partner directly with miners and gemcutters, ensuring our jewellery is made responsibly.

Choose from our Ready to Wear or for a more personalized touch consider our full Bespoke Design Service.

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With a vast collection of Responsibly Sourced Australian Sapphires and Diamonds discovering your perfect gemstone is only a click away

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Quality First

In fact, quality is second in our decision making. Sustainable, responsible sourcing questions come first. However if the chosen material or process creates a poor quality outcome it is abandoned. This way of thinking creates responsibly made products of the highest quality.

Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty