Our Juno collection reflects the divine allure of a goddess, composed from golden strength and ethereal Australian Turquoise. Let its delicate blue tones transform you into royalty - just like Queen Juno herself!


Our Hypatia collection is a tribute to the remarkable Roman-Egyptian philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician Hypatia. This collection draws inspiration from her legacy as a highly respected educator known for her wisdom and inclusiveness.


This collection has been named after the wonderful Agnes Arber, a pioneering botanist and philosopher. Our Arber collection is unique, featuring lovely hand-cut Australian sapphire "leaves", set in hand-made, high-carat gold settings.


Our Nova collection is a bold and radiant showcase of cosmic beauty. Adorned by unique parti sapphires and dazzling diamonds, this stellar combination shimmers with the same vibrant intensity as its namesake celestial event - an exploding star in the night sky!


Our Acacia collection is an ode to the wonderful Acacia. This incredible plant is highly adaptable, and some forms, like the Golden Wattle, produce lovely little round pompom flowers. 


Our Poppy collection shows the extraordinary diversity in colour and shape of natural gemstones. You will find fine gems you know and love, but also many rarer pieces, both faceted, cabochon, and in their natural crystal shape. 


Our Estelle collection is centered around custom-cut gemstones with intricate faceting patterns on both the gemstone and the textured metal. Each piece is a testament to the beauty and brilliance of the natural world.


Our Abandoned collection is a tribute to life, highlighting endangered species that inhabit our planet; Handmade with care in Australia, these pieces are made using energy-conserving techniques and responsibly sourced materials.


Our Dew Collection is a special tribute to the captivating charm and simpleness of dewdrops. This collection offers both classic staples as well as cozy everyday wear, perfect for any occasion!