Sustainable, responsible decision making

Utopian Creations, a name derived from our determination to strive for perfection, to create jewellery that nourishes communities and the wider environment, fit for a Utopian world.

Our passion for sustainability has shaped every aspect of our business since our inception in 2005, from the way we procure materials to how we create products. We believe that leading with environmental and social concerns rather than financial gain will not only reduce negative impacts on natural resources but also leave a lasting impact on mining communities today and well into the future. As part of this commitment, we strive to encourage sustainable behavior through education as well as leading by example within ourselves and throughout society at large. To aid with this we want to be as open as possible about the things we do to increase the sustainability of our work. Please see our Education section for more information.

As with our gold we also carefully select our gemstones with sustainable practices in mind. Our gems are individually chosen direct from the miners, gem cutters who care about the environment that they rely on. We also provide a curated collection of lab grown diamonds from suppliers who use renewable power.

When searching through our gems and jewellery you will see information about each gems origin. All of our gemstones and metals have details about origin provided so you can make informed choices. Unfortunately origin information in the jewellery industry is not mandatory and rarely provided, we think this is important information for consumers and a way of honoring the miners and their hard work.

The Journey of the Gem

We are currently living through the beginings of human induced climate change. When we started Utopian Creations in 2005 the hope was to stop rising co2 and avoid climate change, but world leaders have failed. Businesses like ours are trying with 100% renewable power but its countries and large organizations that can make the impact needed. We urge you to support businesses who support sustainability and to push polititians for better outcomes for our planet. The worst affects of climate change can still be halted but its too late for hope, we must make change, it might be time for force.

Over the years we have changed our own practices and suppliers. We originally used 100% recycled metals, now we use a combination of Australian and recycled gold and from 100% recycled gemstones a mix of recycled, responsibly mined and lab created, each move learning from the previous, always towards better outcomes. 

Originally we had to refine and alloy our own precious metals, carefully sourced from local recycled suppliers. Now nearly 20 years on there are a number of certified sources of precious metals that are mined and recycled using sustainable/responsible practices and groups like Better Without Mercury and Australia's own CSIRO are working hard to bring about even cleaner mining practices. 

Our Gold

Utopian Creations has been practicing a more sustainable, responsible approach to jewellery production for nearly two decades. We have studied our energy and material use from diamonds and gold right through to our polishing compound. Every part of our business has been considered and as you’ll see our choices have been led by sustainable ideals. 

This is an evolving field that we urge other jewellers to join. In most cases the changes are small, but many and they add up to a cleaner workspace as we use fewer or no dangerious chemicals and the polution we create is greatly reduced.

Sustainable Manuacturing


Our world is in the process of great change. Species loss and land degradation are increasing even before we fully understand the dreadful impacts of climate change. One thing who can help in all these issues is more trees. Trees have so many benefits, they reduce ground temperature, provide habitat, lock in CO2, and prevent erosion, create building materials and provide medicine. To help we have partnered with One Tree Planted who plant one tree in Australia for every gemstone or jewellery purchase, well over 300 per year.


Packaging is another important part of our business's impact and we've slowly been evolving in this space too. Originally hand folding origami boxes from recycled card, moving to a more mechanised die stamped recycled card box and now beautifully made timber jewellery boxes handmade from FSC certified Australian timbers by Give Packaging. Its more than just the jewellery box though. We provide a larger outer box made from recycled card that holds not only the timber jewellery box but also a complimentary cleaning brush made from bamboo. When posting we use a biodegradable outer sleeve and Australia Post Express with carbon offset.


Whether its your life or our business, living more sustainably is about decision making. Its exactly this sort of decision making thats brought you here today. Like you, we are always looking to lower energy use, eliminate plastics, use materials that aren't associated with slavery and promote equal rights for all. Jewellery isnt essential for the survival of our planet, but it plays an important role in human life and community. Protecting our environement is essential for humans, for you, me and those that come after us. Its the decisions we make together that form the future, taking us closer to Utopia.

Utopian Creations provides a sustainable approach to jewellery design and manufacture. Jewellery has deep roots in the human experience, in community, and we hope our jewellery will be worn with pride as a symbol of love and protection.