Local manufacturing

All our manufacturing is based in Australia and like our ethical approach to diamonds gems and gold, our manufacturing techniques are carefully considered to lower our environmental footprint.

We make jewellery

We are more than just a design company or retailer, our business was built on handmade jewellery manufacturing and we love getting our hands dirty. Over the years we have embraced the world of 3D design and casting but we still have our own amazing little workshop with a highly experienced team of jewellers. Our jewellery workshop is based in Adelaide in the same location as our retail store.

3D rendering

As you are probably aware 3D printing has started to explode into our lives. The jewellery industry was one of the first to see the advantages of less waste, greater strength and ease of customisation.

3D Printed Casting

For all our casting needs we work with very experienced Australian owned and operated casting companies who are certified members of the Responsible Jewellery Council.

Completed, hand finished and hand set ring

Jewellery made using this production method is generally more affordable than a fully hand made equivalent but it is not of lesser quality and we provide the same Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty.

Sustainable manufacturing

Utopian Creations has been practicing sustainable, responsible jewellery production for nearly two decades. We have studied our energy and material use from diamonds and gold right through to our polishing compound. Every part of our business has been considered and as you’ll see our choices have been led by sustainable ideals. 

Australia is an expensive place to manufacture however, this is for good reason with benefits for the environment and everyone in the supply chain. Australia's strong laws surrounding labour (rates of pay, health and safety, paid maternity leave, superannuation), the environment (mining, land restoration, chemical use, waste disposal) and consumer rights go a long way to protect things important to all of us. We dont always completely agree with the laws of our country and go a lot further when trying to protect the planet, however they are some of the most protective in the world and give us and our partners a fantastic base to work from.

Energy is the largest source of pollution for any jewellery business so it was the first on our list. We’ve been using 100% renewable energy in our retail store, workshop, and design studio for nearly two decades. This is over 200 tonnes of CO2 pollution saved.

Acid used in any jewellery workshop is a very important tool for cleaning during the manufacturing process. We use citric acid rather than other stronger commercially available acids. We neutralize and dry the acid before recycling it to reduce water contamination and capture every bit of precious metal we can.

Polishing is an everyday job so we use reusable polishing mop spindles, certified organic cotton and vegetable polishing compound rather than the animal-based standard compound.

We would love an elegant, architecturally inspired workshop but we make do with repurposed office desks. Our workshop's aesthetic appeal is far less important than the jeweller's skills and its another saving for the planet. 

Precious metal recycling is really a no-brainer, any jeweller not recycling their manufacturing waste wont be in business for long however its not so much the collecting of the metal thats important but also the refining. All jewellery waste needs to be refined or cleaned to rescue the precious metals held within. Our refiner is a highly accredited world leader with start-of-the-art equipment that scrubs the air, removing harmful chemicals, and reducing air pollution. 

Reviewing our manufacturing processes is a constant and we are always making adjustments to better protect our planet. We want all jewellers to work in a more sustainable and responsible way and if you are looking for more information please see the Ethical Metalsmiths. They are a wonderful group of people who we have worked with over the years developing this ethically driven industry.

bespoke design

If you have an interesting project to discuss you can book online or contact us with your request and one of our experienced staff will respond with some futher information.