Rare Gemstone Collection

Our Rare Gemstone Collection features Diamonds and coloured gemstones from around the world, but predominantly Australia. Like all our gemstones they are ethically sourced however, each of these has been carefully chosen by our skilled team to fit a number of criteria that revolve around their origin, beauty and rarity. All of these gems are very special to us as they can't be replaced or replicated, each is unique. Due to their unique and rare nature, they are not available loose, they are only available in conjunction with a bespoke engagement ring or another piece of custom jewellery. More information about our custom design and manufacturing can be found in our Bespoke Design Guide.

We are very excited to share these world-class gemstones with you and cant wait to work with you to create heirlooms that you will cherish forever. 

Viewing consultations are essential as many of these gems are kept in ultra-secure storage.