Royal Blue Sapphire and Diamond Platinum Ring - Baret Collection
Royal Blue Sapphire and Diamond Platinum Ring - Baret Collection
Royal Blue Sapphire and Diamond Platinum Ring - Baret Collection
Royal Blue Sapphire and Diamond Platinum Ring - Baret Collection
Royal Blue Sapphire and Diamond Platinum Ring - Baret Collection

Royal Blue Sapphire and Diamond Platinum Ring - Baret Collection

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Royal blue sapphires are luxurious, and when mixed with Platinum, they make the ultimate engagement ring. The Baret design is the perfect partner to this divine sapphire, bringing an organic touch with its opening bud-like details caressing its lab diamonds. We acquired this lovely sapphire directly from Nigeria. It was mined by hand in the Gombe mining area, famous for luminous high-quality sapphires that don't require heat treatment. As such, this piece remains unheated and completely natural other than faceting. This is a magnificent engagement ring, ready for a life of excitement and joy.

As with all our jewellery, this ring design is designed to last a lifetime. Being made from Platinum, it will last several lifetimes, be cherished by all, and be passed down through generations. It's a comfortable ring design predominantly formed of curves and has a slightly wider base under the finger to help with balance. The final photo shows a fitted wedding ring with texture; polished and diamond eternity rings are also available. We design the accompanying rings to perfectly follow the shape of the engagement ring, bringing a cohesive look of grace and comfort. 

Handcrafted in Australia. Designed, set and finished by our skilled team in our Adelaide workshop. We love this ring and hope you will, too.

Our Baret Collection has its roots in history. It's a design style for romantics and signals to the beauty of the natural world. Baret's delicate opening flower buds signify a coming together and the beginning of new life.

Named after the remarkable woman Jeanne Baret. Born in France in the 18th century, Baret defied societal norms and embarked on a groundbreaking expedition, becoming the first woman to complete a circumnavigation of the globe.

Jeanne Baret's journey commenced not only as a woman but also as a skilled botanist. Disguised as a man to evade the French law that precluded women from such voyages, she adopted the name Jean Baret and joined Louis Antoine de Bougainville's expedition in 1766. Her remarkable botanical expertise came to the forefront during the journey and even though her true identity was eventually discovered she was kept aboard and completed the adventure as an essential member of the scientific endeavour. 


Please note the fitted wedding ring is just a sample of what is available and is not included with the purchase price of the sapphire engagement ring.

Our 7 day 100% returns policy applies to this ring. 

And our Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty 

Item ID:NS171PBC
Ring size M

Gemstone type: Sapphire
Carat Weight - 1.71ct
Shape: Oval Cut
Colour: Royal Blue
Intensity: Intense
Clarity: VS (Very Slightly Included)
Origin: Gombe, Nigeria
Extra Notes : Royal blue sapphires of this tone are incredibly rare, even more so when unheated.

Gemstone type: Lab Diamond Pair
Total Carat Weight - 0.37ct
Shape: Pear Cut
Colour: E
Clarity: VS (Very Slightly Included)
Origin: Surat, India


Sourcing - Ethical
Handmined and importantly for the locals, hand cut in Nigeria
This keeps far more of the profits from the gem and the gemcutting skills in the country of origin
Lab Diamonds
Grown and faceted in Surat, India
Platinum sourced from a Responsible Jewellery Council Member
Handcrafted, in Australia
One tree Planted for every purchase

For ready-made and bespoke rings we offer a complimentary resize two sizes up or down depending on the design, within the first two weeks of ownership. If the ring to be resized is beyond these specifications, we will be able to provide alternative options for you.

You can then opt for your ring to be express posted to your preferred destination (fully insured and at no cost) or you can pick it up from our retail store.

Ready to be posted or collected within 2 weeks.

For more details on shipping and delivery here.

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We loved our experience with Utopian Creations. They helped us to choose the perfect ring and we couldn't be happier with how its turned out. Ben was so helpful through the whole process and we recommend them to anyone looking for a beautiful piece of jewellery!

Claire Brigid

SA, Australia


My engagement ring is beyond stunning, I cant wait to create our wedding bands with them.

Corinne Ranga

Vic, Australia


These guys are amazing at what they do. They created my beautiful engagement ring, as well as both of our wedding rings. We appreciate the stories behind all of the gems that they use and the hard work they put into all their creations. They are clearly passionate about what they do and I recommend them very highly.

Gemma Vine

SA, Australia


Kept me updated every step of the way, never got annoyed with me with the extreme amount of email I sent and questions I asked. Jess adores the ring and I could not be happier. Thank you again Ben and Utopian Creations

Benjamin Newall

NSW, Australia

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