Jewellery Production

Utopian Creations is based in Adelaide, Australia. We are more than just a design company, more than just a retailer, we love getting our hands dirty. Our business was built on handmade jewellery manufacturing and while we have embraced the world of highly technical 3D design and casting we still have our own amazing little workshop with a highly experienced team of jewellers. Here we handmake, assemble, and set much of our jewellery.

As you would be well aware 3D printing has started to explode into our lives. The jewellery industry was one of the first to see the advantages of less waste, greater strength and ease of customisation. For all our casting needs we work with very experienced, certified members of the Responsible Jewelry Council, also based in Australia.

Australia is generally an expensive place to manufacture, however this is for good reason and beneficial for the environment and everyone in the supply chain. Australia's strong laws surrounding labour (rates of pay, health and safety, paid maternity leave, superannuation), the environment (mining, land restoration, chemical use, waste disposal) and consumer rights go a long way to protect whats important to all of us. We dont always completely agree with the laws of our country, however they are some of the most protective in the world and give us and our partners a fantastic base to work from. 

The quality of jewellery design and manufacturing in Australia is second to none and we are very proud to continue in this long standing tradition.