Mined diamonds

We bring you a limited supply of responsibly sourced goodness you'll be proud to wear today and pass on tomorrow.

For the past quarter-century, mined diamonds have often been associated with conflict and misconduct. Historically, there was lax oversight of environmental and social issues which led to less-than-ideal outcomes in many cases due to a system designed to maximize profit at any cost. Thankfully though times are changing as people become more aware of their spending power and ethical values play an evermore important role when making purchasing decisions. While certain challenges remain within the diamond mining industry overall it has done much good by providing meaningful employment opportunities - such as attractive wages - for miners who otherwise would be living under poverty levels without other viable career options available.

At our company, we strive to bring customers quality diamonds that offer the best value while creating a positive impact along their entire supply chain. Since 2005, our experts have worked hard to find ethically sourced diamonds from mines committed to protecting local communities and preserving the environment – ensuring every diamond is given with love. With this approach, both those who give and receive are part of something larger; through each gift of love comes improved standards for all involved in its production.

A store of wealth/investment

Mined diamonds

A true symbol of royalty and luxury, diamonds were a source of fascination for centuries. Held close by royals due to their extreme rarity which made them incredibly valuable, it wasn't until the 18th century that diamond strikes in Brazil and Africa opened up access to this precious gemstone - allowing millions around the world to enjoy its beauty as well. 

With traditional diamond mining reaching its peak over the last century, we’re now in a position where in-ground stocks and new finds are on the decline. As a result of this dwindling resource, experts predict an increase in prices for mined diamonds even with the influx of Lab diamonds into the market. Coloured diamonds offer unique investment opportunities compared to their more typical clear or white counterparts; if true investment potential is your goal we can help you explore Australian Argyle pink and Argyle red diamonds firsthand. With our vast experience providing SMSF holding facilities, coloured diamonds could be your best bet yet when looking into diamond investing!

Environmental and social impacts
Mined diamonds

The idea of "socially responsible" diamond mining may seem hard to fathom, yet it's a reality in many parts of the world. Through rigorous ethical standards and whole-life frameworks that prioritize the needs of impacted countries, its people and the environment some small and large mines have achieved impressive success over the last few decades. Our team's accumulated experience of two decades is invaluable as from an ethical sourcing point of view much of the industry remains treacherous to navigate. 

For decades, Australia's Argyle mine and Botswana's Debswana - a joint venture between the government and renowned diamond producer De Beers - have transformed lives by providing employment opportunities, taxes for impoverished communities with little long-term environmental damage. Through the closure of the Argyle mine in 2020, its rehabilitation is now being carried out with aid from knowledgeable first nations people - a testament to their long-term involvement with the project. In comparison to other forms of mining that often create toxic waste damaging wider environments; diamond mining is generally cleaner with a large hole in the ground and carbon pollution being of most concern. 

The Australian Argyle Diamond Mine

The World-renowned Argyle Diamond mine, located in Australia's remote East Kimberley region, was an important producer of diamonds from 1983 till its closure in 2020. Now restoration of the land is underway while we continue to be captivated by the treasures uncovered in its depths.

Argyle Diamond Mine

Ocean Diamonds

Newly mined diamonds without mining? These stunning diamonds are picked under the sea off the coast of Namibia and South Africa providing needed employment while protecting the ocean floor and its inhabitance.

Ocean Diamonds

The diamond industry has been shrouded in controversy, but we are now ushering in a new era with lab-created diamonds and higher ethical standards. With our commitment to the livelihoods of all involved throughout its supply chain, mined diamonds have an exciting future where everyone can benefit from their beauty and sparkle!