Lab Diamonds - Standard (non renewable power)

At Utopian Creations we have been using sustainable, renewable power in our retail store/workshop for over 15 years and prefer to support businesses that do the same. This is why you wont find any diamonds for sale in this section. We can supply you with standard lab diamonds, just like other jewellers and they will be a little cheaper than a comparable piece from Diamond Foundry, however we prefer to offer Diamond Foundry's diamonds as they are grown using renewable power.

Standard Lab diamonds are thought to use far less energy to produce than the energy used to mine most diamonds. There are exceptions to that rule, in some countries diamonds are still dug by hand and shovel, but in large diamond mines, where most of the worlds diamonds are dug up, petrochemical based energy use is quite high. Because of this its generally accepted that lab diamonds, no matter what power source is used to grow them, will have a lower impact on the environment than a mined diamond.

Currently there are no small Lab diamonds (under 3mm) being grown and cut from renewable power. We do offer small Lab diamonds, however because of this they are grown using a mix of energy, including nonrenewable. We are working with a number of manufacturers to speed up the change to renewable power for all Lab diamond production.