Diamonds - Lab Grown

The vast majority of Utopian Creation’s Lab Diamonds are created by Diamond Foundry using 100% hydropower, meaning very low emissions. They are the world's only certified zero-carbon-footprint producer of diamonds and are 100% powered by Washington State’s Columbia River.

Lab diamonds have the same chemical, optical, thermal, and physical features as their mined counterparts. Diamond Foundry diamonds' are inspected more than 1,300 times from rough stone to a finished piece. Less than 1% of all diamonds on the market meet this high standard of quality.

Each Lab diamond forms in its own way and has unique growth patterns and one-of-a-kind inclusions. No two diamonds are alike and are completely unique.

Utopian Creations has been creating rings with Lab diamonds since 2012 when they were not locally available. By choosing Lab diamonds, we can avoid the human and environmental toll of mining which includes: no conflicts funded, no groundwater polluted, no animals harmed, and no land, wildlife or communities displaced.

"Mined diamonds are a gift of nature whereas man-made diamonds are a gift of human wisdom.