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What is a Parti Sapphire?
When it comes to colourful gemstones, sapphires are among the most prized and sought-after. While blue sapphires get much of the attention, there is another variety that is truly unique and captivating - the parti sapphire. With their kaleidoscope of...
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Are Russian Mined Diamonds Flooding Australia?
Australia has not followed the G7 and EU in banning Russian diamonds, and therefore they continue to be sold across Australia in plain sight. They are sold in jewellery stores marketed without Russian branding, hidden as Kimberly Process Certified, and often...
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How to choose your perfect Australian Sapphire
Planning to pop the question or choose your own breath-taking Australian sapphire? Look no further! At Utopian Creations, we have an experienced team dedicated to guiding you on your journey to finding the perfect gemstone for your special moment. With one of...
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