How to choose your perfect Australian Sapphire

How to choose your perfect Australian Sapphire
Planning to pop the question or choose your own breath-taking Australian sapphire? Look no further! At Utopian Creations, we have an experienced team dedicated to guiding you on your journey to finding the perfect gemstone for your special moment. With one of the worlds largest collections of Australian sapphires, many of which can be conveniently browsed on our website, we're here to help you make a choice that reflects your unique style and values.

Teal blue Australian sapphire


When it comes to selecting the ideal Australian sapphire for your engagement ring, several factors come into play. Let's delve into each of these considerations:

1. Colour: The allure of a sapphire often begins with its mesmerizing colour. Australian sapphires exhibit a wide range of hues, from deep blues to vibrant greens, rich yellows, and captivating teals. Whether you prefer a classic blue sapphire or a more unconventional colour, such as a parti sapphire with multiple hues, our collection offers a spectrum of options to suit your preferences. And this is what's so exciting about sapphires, the colour, your colour. Choosing a sapphire colour is totally subjective, it should reflect your ideals and dreams. Our experience has shown us that you will know when you find it. Its why we have such a huge collection, so you can view a lot of prospective suitors and find that perfect piece.

Please keep in mind that many Australian sapphires will change colour slightly depending on the light source, especially teal coloured sapphires and parti sapphires. Strictly speaking, parti sapphires contain three or more colours within one sapphire, two colours being bi-coloured. To make it easier most people refer to any sapphire that has two or more colours within it a parti sapphire. Parti comes from the word partition, as the colours are normally segregated and don't blend. However, light passing through the gemstone may blend the colours, bringing an almost kaleidoscope effect. Generally, natural light will bring about more blue tones, and artificial light more green. Colour changing sapphires are a lot of fun to own.

2. Cut: The cut of a sapphire significantly impacts its brilliance and overall appearance. From traditional cuts like round and oval to more contemporary choices such as cushion and emerald cuts, the right cut can enhance the beauty of your gemstone and complement your chosen setting. The cut of the sapphire will affect the sparkle inside the gemstone and importantly it'll affect the colour, either increasing the strength of the tone or if poorly cut allowing light to pass through the stone, washing out the colour. Our sapphires are all hand chosen by our highly experienced team who consider the cut of each sapphire very carefully. There are times when a sapphire with what may be described as a "poor cut" may still be accepted into our collection but this will be due to it having other outstanding attributes or the organic, non perfect cut might just be interesting!

3. Clarity: Our team carefully evaluates each sapphire to ensure exceptional beauty. This does not mean each sapphire is free from inclusions, far from it. Natural sapphire crystal often includes inclusions, from other crystals that grew within the sapphire like rutile, to little cracks and stress fractures. Each inclusion tells a story about where the sapphire has originated and the conditions under which it was formed. Generally in sparkly, engagement style sapphires fewer inclusions are preferred as they can impede the passing of light, however inclusions are highly nuanced and can look very different in person. This is why we look at the overall beauty of the sapphire rather than just the clarity grade. Its the beauty that's important.

4. Treatment: Some sapphires undergo treatments to enhance their colour or clarity. At Utopian Creations, we prioritize transparency and provide detailed information about any treatments applied to our gemstones, empowering you to make an informed decision. The only treatment we accept is heat treatment as it mimics the sapphires original creation. There are many other treatments such as beryllium that can be applied to sapphires but they are all unnatural to the normal state of a sapphire and we don't supply them.

Heat treatment is used to improve clarity by dissolving rutile needles, making the sapphire more sparkly and in some cases this will also lighten the sapphire which is often a desired outcome. All of our sapphires are listed with heat treatment indicated. Many people look down on heat treated sapphires as if they are somehow not natural, but remember these gemstones were created in volcanic surroundings, high heat was their creation story. Either way we provide a huge collection of heated and unheated Australian sapphire with a far higher percentage of our sapphires being unheated.

5. Origin: For many, the origin of a gemstone holds significance, symbolizing authenticity and supporting ethical practices. Our Australian sapphires are sourced responsibly, ensuring both quality and sustainability throughout the supply chain. Most of our sapphires are acquired directly from small mining families in Queensland. All our sapphires come with their place of origin listed so you can make an informed choice and have peace of mind that you are purchasing a genuine Australian sapphire.

6. Ethical and Sustainability Considerations: We understand the importance of ethical and sustainable practices in the jewellery industry. Utopian Creations was established in 2005 as a sustainable jeweller. Back then no one understood what that meant but nearly 20 years on and the words sustainable and ethical are being used everywhere. By choosing an Australian sapphire from Utopian Creations, you can feel confident in supporting ethical mining practices and contributing to environmental conservation efforts.

Radiant cut Australian Parti Sapphire

While these factors offer valuable guidance in selecting the perfect sapphire, it's essential to remember that personal choice plays a significant role. There's an intrinsic beauty to natural coloured gems that transcends conventional assessment categories. Your choice should reflect your individual style, preferences, and dreams, making it truly unique to you and your partner.

At Utopian Creations, our team is committed to helping you find your perfect gemstone. Whether you're drawn to a specific colour, cut, or origin, we're here to provide expert guidance and support every step of the way. Explore our website's education section for further information on sapphires and jewellery design, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions or inquiries.

Choosing the perfect Australian sapphire for your engagement ring is a meaningful journey—one that represents your love, commitment, and shared future. Let us be your trusted partner in bringing your vision to life. Get started today and embark on this unforgettable adventure with Utopian Creations.

Sketch of Australian sapphires