Lab Diamonds - Diamond Foundry (renewable power)

Diamond Foundry grows and cuts its diamonds in the USA using renewable power. It’s a completely closed loop production chain designed to meet the highest of ethical principles. Every diamond is laser inscribed with its own number for easy identification and most come with full GCAL certification. From an ethical standpoint these are the very best Lab diamonds created on earth, and in most cases will have a far lower environmental impact than a comparable mined diamond. If you and your partner care about the planet this might be the perfect way to step into the future together, committed, as one.

The diamonds below are available for viewing in our Adelaide retail store or immediate sale. You can choose one of our pre-designed rings or make contact with our qualified jewellery designer to create your perfect, bespoke idea. These are just a few of the best we have carefully chosen from Diamond Foundry's inventory. If there is another size or shape you may be interested in contact us and ask. We'll speak with Diamond Foundry and see what options they may have that suits your requirements. You can also check out their website and diamond inventory here. The Inventory on Diamond Foundry's website isn't always accurate and they don't sell direct to the public, but it will give you an idea of what's possible.