The Abandoned collection was conceived as a way to highlight endangered animals and plants from around the world. We are currently in the Holocene or sixth great extinction, its happening all around us, day in, day out. Slowing this avoidable extinction is in all our best interests, for the future of our kind. 

We have designed the collection to be very energy efficient to produce. Not only do we want to conserve energy but also water and chemical use. To do this we make each piece by hand, minimize solder joins and polishing, dont plate, use recycled and Australian gemstones and diamonds, plant based polishing compound and certified organic handmade polishing mops. All precious metals are 100% recycled including the chain and earring backs. 

All pieces come beautifully boxed in sustainably sourced timber boxes that are made in NZ.

Bent wing bats are lovely little micro bats that scourer our sky's for mosquitoes and other flying bugs. These are one of the most delightful creatures but due to their small size and nocturnal nature they are rarely seen or discussed...
Cougars are not endangered throughout their entire habitat, thankfully there are some wilderness areas where they continue to thrive, however in California, part of their historical home they are struggling badly thanks to the human population explosion...